We go all out to empower, inspire, support & encourage our mothers. Whether you are a new mother or one with experience, sometimes we all need a bit of help. Whether you look to grow as an individual or grow as a child of God. We’ll help you to develop & expand the life skills necessary for creating better decisions, practicing self care, and building positive relationships. These skills help our women feel a great sense of acceptance and self-worth. 


( This service is for all women)
Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”   When having a child it can be difficuilt to seek faith. Emotions, Worries, stress, obstacles all clouds your head. All things we are suppose to leave to God. We help you stick with your faith in the midst of all thats going on around you. From prayer meetings to reading we are here along the way.

Meet 1 on 1 or in a group setting to receive prayer over your life. Our prayer meetings usually last 15 minutes depending on the spirit.

Surrounding God around your life is essential but can be difficult with so much going on. Gain faith base counseling for your needs all while getting closer to God. 

Bible Study
 In a group setting learn the will of God in a 10 month program from Genesis down to Revelation.

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Yes, you heard right! Our services are here to help you to grow. Our prices vary as a build your own package. We do accept donations but our services are affordable for anyone with the desire to transform. 


Our programs are available online which allows women from all over the world to attend. From our programs to our workshops you can catch us online and participate privately or with others. For those in the CT,NY,NJ area we also provide in person events and workshops for those to attend personally. These workshops/events can vary from monthly to annually.


Our leading ladies are here to help and have the experience to do so. Each person apart of our company has the certification to guide, empower, inspire and uplift. Lorem ipsum was conceived as filler text, formatted in a certain way to enable the presentation, formatted in certain way to enable the presentation.


Our programs allow you to get deep and unleash your potential. From educational, to mental health therapy and more you can gain the confidence, skills and stability to transform.


All who participate in helping the growth of those in our program has the heart to do so. From our professionals to our volunteers, each one of us has the desire to share our resources for those who need.