Yoga In The Park- New York

Yoga In The Park- New York



Experience inner peace & happiness by learning to clear your mind and body through Women Beyond Measures Yoga in The Park Connect.

This class is open to Everyone ~beginner friendly , body positive. Yoga Is for anyone who is willing.

Friendly reminder: Be kind and courteous to everyone present during practice.

Build relationships, and connect with one another.

*Please bring our own mats*

*Refreshments would be available*

Women Beyond Measures is an organization dedicated to the personal growth of motherhood. We provide mothers with the necessary skills and knowledge to face every day life and to grow. Our services include mental health, personal development, faith support, brand development, and job preparation. All of our services can help women prosper in the areas they feel they need more support in.

All of our events are a way for women to unwind, feel safe and build support around their busy lives.

Although our class is free Please donate what your heart desires. Most classes cost $15+. Consider a donation equal to the amount you would normally pay for a yoga class (ex. $25, $15, $10).Donations will be used to help support the mothers in our upcoming events and community.

Please note, each person must have their own ticket, and our rain day will be Sunday August 7th.





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