Featuring SHE ROCKS IT

Featuring SHE ROCKS IT

Alondra Anderson was given the opportunity to be featured in the SHE ROCKS IT MAGAZINE on her story of "giving up". You heard right...she gave up. Here is a snippet of what was said and if you want to read more check out the link below.


"I Gave Up So SHE Can Rise"

When you hear the title you may think, how could she give up or is she putting others before herself? My name is Alondra Anderson and I am a young woman born and raised in New York. I'm the oldest of 6 siblings and the leading example to most. I received my associates in Mental Health, my Bachelors in Psychology and pushing to receive my Masters in Social Work. With all of these degrees you think I would know who SHE is. It's so many things to call myself a Child of God, an entrepreneur, a daughter. sister, leader, protector. Whatever I name myself now  I had to give up so SHE can thrive and be the person I am describing today…



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