Christmas Assistance pt 3

Christmas Assistance pt 3

Christmas Assistance pt. 3



Welcome to the third part of Christmas Assistance!

Today I will share with you four Christmas Movies to watch this December!


1. Elf - HBO Max (PG)

Of course, I have to add Elf to the movie list! It is a classic and a favorite of mine! It has a great storyline as well as great comedy. This is a great pick if you are looking for a Christmas movie to watch with the family!  

2. The Holiday - Prime Video or Apple TV (PG-13)

Another Christmas movie I enjoyed was “The Holiday”. This may not be suitable for younger audiences but it’s an excellent watch for when the kids go to bed! If you’re looking for a romance movie that will pull at your heartstrings, this one is for you!


3. Home Alone - Disney+ (PG)

If you haven’t seen “Home Alone” yet, you need to! It’s a classic and is a movie I watch every year. It’s family-friendly and you will laugh throughout the film.



4. The Noel Diary - Netflix (PG)

Lastly, we have a movie that came out this year on Netflix. It is different from the previous movies listed but it is a great one too! There are many topics touched on in the movie that will touch your heart. This is rated PG but I would recommend watching it first and seeing if it’s suitable for your kids.




And that compiles the list of Christmas Movies you should watch this December!

What’s your go to Christmas movie?

I hope you enjoy watching these movies with your friends and family members this holiday season. Thanks for joining us again for another “Christmas Assistance”!  

By: Faith Bisbee

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